Social Insights with CMR College of Engineering, Hyderabad

Social Insights with CMR College of Engineering, Hyderabad

“How Wonderful is that nobody need wait a single moment to improve the world.” – Anne Frank

CMR, a name synonymous to evolution, leaves no stone unturned when it comes to a breakthrough in the fields of education and technology. Pioneering the art of transforming students for exceptional exposure, the college works with goals and strategies that tend to bring about the best from its scholars. Technical, Non-Technical, Cultural, Social, You name it! It works continuously at imparting practical education to its pupil and introduces state-of-the-art technologies at the center of the target board. And what can be a better way to serve humanity than to bring a smile on the faces of those who’ve been refused to receive the light of the day.

The University Grants Commission headed by Dr. Radhakrishnan recommended the introduction of national service in the academic institutions on a voluntary basis with a view to developing healthy contacts between the students and teachers on the one hand and establishing a constructive linkage between the campus and the community on the other hand.

On September 24, 1969, the then Union Education Minister Dr. V.K.R.V. Rao, launched the NSS programme in 37 universities covering all States and simultaneously requested the Chief Ministers of States for their cooperation and help. It was appropriate that the programme was started during the Gandhi Centenary Year as it was Gandhi Ji who inspired the Indian youth to participate in the movement for India’s independence and the social upliftment of the downtrodden masses of our nation. It was a revolution that influences millions of students and volunteers to date.

Socially active across the year, CMR aptly conceptualizes the art of social service. Diverse in every action, it conducts activities such as traffic management, hygiene campaigns, educating students and people on various issues and so on. The list is just endless. We wonder how they manage to nurture the energy they impart in the service on others.

As per the guidelines of the NSS, an annual camp is organized by the committee that aims at working for the betterment and improvisation of the deprived areas in a specific state or country. The college assigns several interested students as volunteers who work for various activities organized by the college’s NSS committee.

Bookwow had an enlightening session with Ms. Bhavana Ankitha, a student of CMR college of engineering, who is also a volunteer for the NSS activities for the current year. Marking her viewpoints on encouraging social activities as an individual, she said, “I personally feel that every person should be encouraged to participate in social activities. It is important as it helps us understand how others are feeling and gives us the opportunity to respond appropriately to the situation. It helps us make our surroundings warm. By encouraging such activities among children, it helps them develop helping nature and when it comes to youngsters they can become kinder and use their spare time for the upliftment of the society”.

The camp, having organized by the NSS unit of CMCET, visited Bachurajpalli this year, a small village in Medak district of Telangana state. The camp was organized so as to help the students interact with the village personals and know about their lives. “Some of the eminent student's personalities involved in the camp were Prathap, Danny, Pranjali, Manideepa, and Sri Nath”, Bhavana told Bookwow. Discussing the various activities that went into making a successful NSS camp, the schedule was divided into a number of activities to be performed each day that included:

Day 1. Interaction session with the village people

Day 2. Cleaning village and emphasizing on the importance of Swacch Bharat

Day 3. Voter’s Day: Explaining why it is important to choose the right leader

Day 4. Digitalization awareness drive

Day 5. Fire camp

Day 6. Blood donation camp

Day7. Eye test camp

The reports of the tests performed were then taken for examination and those with dysfunctionalities were operated.

“My experience of the camp was indelible. I got the opportunity to know about their lifestyles and help them wherever I possibly could. I did not find any area that needed improvisation but would really request the higher officials to organize such camps frequently” – Said Bhavana.

The world just needs a few more like the ones who went on to a social camp and brought a smile on a dozen innocent lives. They just remind us that it is our liability to work for the deprived and ensure that every human receives basic civil and social rights. We are indebted to Bhavana on behalf of CMR, who leaded us with insightful answers and cooperation throughout the process. Bookwow is always in search of such heroes, who make this world a better place.

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