Making India A Better Place

Making India A Better Place

NSS in association with P.E.S’s Modern College of Engineering, Pune

“One person can make a difference, and everyone should try” – John F. Kennedy

‘Education and Service’ to the community and by the community is the principle that the National Service Scheme (NSS) abides by. It is just another way of giving it back to society and enriching the minds of the coming generation.

All credits to Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU), who introduced NSS as part of the academic program. Ever since then, NSS has been functioning as a regular feature in the realm of university education. “The students joining this scheme develop many behavioral interactive skills. They visit the rural areas as NSS volunteers during the camps organized by the concerned colleges or departments of the university”, believes Dr. Prabhakar Desai, Program coordinator for NSS. The NSS is essentially a student-centered program. Various projects are implemented by the NSS volunteers in the community in close collaboration with the community and thereby it provides vast scope for the student's interaction with the people. This time, we feature Progressive Education Society’s Modern College of Engineering, popularly known as PESMCOE, who proved with their mettle, that no job is too small or too big, and that it is the courage to continue and serve that counts. Based in Shivajinagar, Pune, PESMCOE procreates potential students in the field of engineering and takes effort in ensuring that the development of the student community remains substantial and phenomenal. It organizes and monitors various technical and non-technical events alongside social activities to ensure the overall progress of the individuals.

Under the NSS, PESMCOE organizes recurring social activities such as traffic drive campaign, marathon, plays addressing social issues etc. While everything just seems to be synonymous with most of the other colleges, the annual NSS camp tests the real intent and knowledge of the budding social activists.

Every year, 100 volunteers are shortlisted from the existing NSS team to visit a remote place and address social issues, striving for the betterment of the locality they aim to work at. This year, they chose Khamgaon, a remote village in Pune district, 45 kilometers west to the Pune city. The camp lasted for 7 days and the volunteers were provided with the responsibility of the overall development and crisis monitoring of the village area.

“Students conduct surveys from door to door to know if the government schemes are reaching to the people. We create a draft about the problems they are facing and the documents are then forwarded to higher authorities who come up with significant facilities for uplifting the conditions of the village and its people to a sub-standard level,” said Anusha Nair, in an interactive session with Bookwow. “We conducted various activities for the villagers such as Blood and hemoglobin checkup, enlightening seminars from eminent personalities, and street plays that address social issues. As students, we worked really hard for improving the playground area, made the roads even and painted the gram panchayat, among other such activities”, she added. Appropriate management of the camp was governed by the teams that the whole group was divided into, and heads were assigned for respective groups in order to imbibe leadership qualities among students. For other social college activities, One Head and One Co-Head is assigned for NSS from every department to ensure the proactiveness of the students towards social responsibility. Currently, the student vertical is headed by Sakshi Gatagat, General Secretary of PESMCOE’s NSS Team.

Talking about the experience of the camp programme, Anusha said – The whole experience was absolutely amazing. It was mesmerizing for us to live in a village away from all the noise and other sorts of pollution. The satisfaction that is gained while working selflessly for the people is what matters. In a bid to ensure the imperative duties of the government authorities, she said, ”We, as students, have complied to our work and succeeded. Now, it is time for the concerned government authorities to make the necessary changes.

Needless to say, NSS has made it clear that unity is the secret of social progress. And service to society is just another means to promote it. Our heartiest acknowledgment goes to PESMCOE, for conducting repetitive social activities to promote the development of mankind and urge their students to contribute to consequential and an irreversible change.

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